Spread Stone

Liquid Spread Stone Textured Stone Coating will add authentic-looking stone, ceramic and other attractive effects to almost any existing surface- indoors and out.

spreadstoneSpread Stone is specifically formulated to eliminate the usual performance flaws present with typical indoor / outdoor surfaces.  It is a high performance polymer / stone matrix coating for use over numerous existing surfaces and creates a very hard, water, weather and traffic resistance surface.

Spread Stone forms a tough yet flexible stone shell that protects surfaces from water intrusion, human and vehicular traffic that can be used over exterior / interior concrete, masonry floors and decks, linoleum, stationary wood and formica.

Performance Features:

  • resistance to freeze / thaw
  • flexable and breathable
  • colorfast
  • ultra-violet brittle resistance
  • Bacteria resistance
  • salt resistant
  • easy maintenance.
  • crack resistant
  • abrasion and impact resistant
  • alkali resistant