Our expert recoating service can be applied to Pool Decks, Steps and Walkways, Garage Floors, Basement Floors


Liquid Stone Finishes can transform your scratched, chipped or discolored floors and other surfaces with an epoxy coating finish that’s strong, durable, easy to maintain, and looks amazing! With our epoxy coating solutions you will have one of the toughest and most durable finishes that can be applied today.  Our range of coating materials are available in a many different colors and styles. Contact us today and we will advise you on the best solution to protect and transform your surfaces it into a professional looking one of beauty and function.

Our Services

The Liquid Stone Finishes team will apply multiple coats of epoxy to make your flooring, or other surfaces much more durable. From preparation of the existing surface to restoration of cracks and imperfections, we’ve got you covered!

At Liquid Stone Finishes our epoxy coating systems can be used in many residencial and commercial applications including seamless floors, performance flooring, floor resurfacing, restoration repair systems and decorative finishes. Our versatile range of commercial, industrial and residential applications are suitable for all surfaces including garage floors, kitchen floors and countertops, restaurants, car dealers, auto shops, showrooms and high traffic flooring areas.


A concrete floor sealer will beautify and preserve your floor. Sealing brings out the beauty of a concrete floor by enhancing the color and adding sheen. Sealing also preserves the decorative treatment by protecting the floor surface from abrasions and stains. Some floor sealers form a protective film on the surface of the concrete, while others penetrate into the floor.

Troweled Concrete Overlays

Troweled concrete overlays are handcrafted floors which are installed by troweling concrete across an existing concrete substrate. Multiple coats of a cementious material are applied to create a unique rustic texture with a multicolored old world feel that embraces the imperfections that can occur when a product is created on-site from cement, sand, resin and water into a finished flooring system.

Stained Concrete

Acid stain is a special kind of chemical that is used to color concrete floors. The stain is typically applied with a sprayer or brush. Once the solution hits the concrete surface, the acid stain immediately starts a chemical reaction with the like that is present in the concrete. Unlike regular paint, the colors produced by acid stain are created from a chemical reaction in the actual concrete itself, resulting in a permanent floor coloring that is resistant to fading and chipping.

Why Replace? Just Reface

Our epoxy coatings will provide you with the most advanced level of shine, gloss, reflectivity, clarity and depth. Epoxy is known for its exceptional durability and versatility. It can be applied with many different colors and patterns to suit your need. Epoxy coating is  exceptional for residential, commercial and retail flooring solutions. Use it for all high foot traffic locations like walkways, shopping centers, hotels, and offices which require wear-resistant flooring. You will find that epoxy flooring is a perfect solution. Liquid Stone Finishes epoxy is stain, scuff, and scratch resistant and can also be topped with a slip-resistant surface for safety.

Epoxy Floor Overlay Service Area

Liquid Stone Finishes is now serving Epoxy Flooring for homeowners and businesses throughout all of Connecticut. Our epoxy flooring service is the number one choice for industrial flooring in CT!

Liquid Stone Finishes services both commercial and residential customers specializing in concrete floor resurfacing, seamleass epoxy flooring, urethane floors, concrete polishing ct, concrete polishing ma, epoxy flooring ma, decorative concrete, acid staining, walkways and patios. Liquid Stone Finishes provides expert services to Hartford County CT, New Haven County CT, Middlesex County CT, Fairfield County CT, Litchfield County CT, New London County CT, Tolland County CT, Windham County CT. Our specialties include concrete polishing, industrial coatings, garage floor coatings, epoxy floor contractor projects, epoxy repair and installation. Our concrete service categories include: decorative concrete and concrete overlays, stamped concrete Hartford County CT, concrete repair CT, pool deck repairs, patio repairs and installation, concrete stamped and stained. Food and Beverage epoxy/urethane systems. Urethane kitchens, commercial / industrial. Urethane flooring, cold storage & bottling areas, polycrete mdb/md/hf/tf/kt/cf systems, concrete repairs, concrete patios, walkways, pool deck repairs, concrete shot blasting and shot blasting concrete.

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